The qualifying practices are over inside AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX.

The track is looking great soil-wise. The red Texan clay is tacky, without being too soft or hard. A couple corners are softer and rutting up nicely. Some parts of the track are holding up better than others. The rhythm sections are pretty hard-packed and staying in good condition, whereas the whoops are really getting worn down (and look super easy compared to last weekend’s whoop section).

Today marks the beginning of the 250SX East Championship. A few notables are Davalos, Forkner, Ferrandis, Nichols, Martin, Hampshire, Smith, and Osborne; the field is really stacked on the east! Gone are the days where west coast was always more stacked.

After a dominated year in 2017, Zach Osborne must be the title favorite. However, he was challenged by both Davalos and Ferrandis in qualifying practice, both whom looked phenomenal.

Here are the full qualifying results:





Cover photo from Supercross LIVE

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