After a shortened revised schedule for the day, qualifying is now done in East Rutherford, NJ, at MetLife Stadium. They’re also running an early schedule today, with the racing action getting underway at 5:00 pm ET. You can tune into FOX starting at 4:30 pm ET for a pre-show and to catch all the racing live!

The track was a bit wet due to some rain early this morning, which is what caused the shortened schedule (only two practice sessions instead of the normal three). However, the Dirt Wurx crew once again did an amazing job prepping it, and the track was in phenomenal shape; it will most likely remain that way. However, the track is still challenging; riders commented that some sections are really soft and rutted, whereas other sections are more hard pack. Additionally, it’s very tight, which slows the pace down quite a bit. The tightness and the soft sections make the track pretty tough, especially considering that there are three tricky rhythm sections.

One rhythm section to watch out for in the night show will be the first one after the start. The fast line is to bunny hop over the first single, and then triple-triple out of it. It’s a tricky combination, but will payoff when done correctly.

Dungey lost the points lead last weekend in Salt Lake City, but he’s looking really great so far in East Rutherford. He got the fastest lap time, sending a statement to Tomac that he’s ready to race. After Tomac’s utter dominance in the past few months, Dungey really needs to win tonight. With only two rounds left, if Dungey wins tonight, he will enter the final round in Vegas with the points lead (or at the very least tied for it).

The points battle is also on in the 250 class. Savatgy currently leads, but it’s close with Smith 6 points back, and Osborne 12 points back. As always, Osborne looked really fast in practice, and is poised to shorten that points gap.

Here are the qualifying results:

250 West:




My Opinion: It’s exciting to be here watching round 16 in MetLife Stadium! Weather is good, track is great, and an awesome venue. Even better is the points battle in both classes. Three contenders in the 250 East class, and Tomac and Dungey vying for the 450 title.

The track is hard to predict. Certain areas are REALLY soft and rutted. Other areas are slick and hard pack. I think the riders are really struggling with the conditions, as most have commented that it’s difficult to get a clean lap in on this track.

Ryan Dungey has to be deflated after his huge loss last weekend, but he looks confident and aggressive in practice. When Tomac struggled to get a fast lap down without making a mistake, Dungey flawlessly set two of the fastest laps. It’s just practice, but with this sport being such a head game, it’s a good start for Dungey.

My picks for the podiums are:


  1. Zach Osborne
  2. Joey Savatgy
  3. Adam Cianciarulo


  1. Ryan Dungey
  2. Eli Tomac
  3. Marvin Musquin

Cover photo from Supercross LIVE

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