Round 14 of the 2017 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship has come and gone in Seattle’s CenturyLink Field. The series returned to Seattle after not going there for two years, and the racing didn’t disappoint!

The track was very challenging due to rain earlier in the week. It wasn’t muddy, but was very soft and rutted. It had three challenging rhythm sections that had multiple jump combos, and a whoops and rollers section that allowed for some good passing options. Despite the rutted conditions, the track provided excellent racing.

Eli Tomac has been on fire lately, and he excelled once again in Seattle. After getting a bad start, Eli quickly found his groove on the very rutted track, and started jumping rhythm combos that no one else even thought to attempt. Tomac quickly caught up to Webb in 2nd, but then cased a jump and went over the bars! He got up still in 4th, but a ways back from Anderson and Webb in front. His chances for a podium looked to be over, but Tomac continued to charge, laying down some amazing lap times, and reeled them back in! He was able to work his way back into 2nd with a phenomenal ride.

Webb was riding well in only his 3rd race back after injury. He got the fastest lap time earlier in the day, and then won his heat. After a good start, it looked to be a podium ride for Webb, but he cross-rutted and crashed in a rhythm section. He ended up finishing back in 8th.

Meanwhile, Marvin Musquin was cruising around up front in 1st. Musquin quickly moved into the lead on the first lap, and never looked back. He was consistently smooth, and always had a comfortable gap. It was a very solid ride for the KTM rider to get his second career win.

Things didn’t go as smoothly for Musquin’s teammate Ryan Dungey. A lot of pressure has been on Dungey lately as he has seen his points lead slip away over the last couple of months. Well, things got off to an awful start in Seattle for him, as he got caught up in some first turn carnage and went down. Dungey restarted in last place, but in a championship-effort rider he came all the way back to 4th. The points are tied now, but Dungey showed promise in his charge from behind.

The series is off next weekend, so everyone has a chance to regroup and relax for a bit. In two weeks time,  round 15 will kick off in Salt Lake City, and all eyes will be on the championship battle between Dungey and Tomac. Dungey has never experienced pressure like this in the points before, so things are getting interesting!

The 250SX West class returned to racing after a break in their series. Hill had a comfortable points lead entering the race, but Aaron Plessinger was hungry for a win, and it showed! He quickly got into the lead, but a crash in the back of the pack caused a red flag. After the restart, Plessinger got a worse start, but put his head down and charged to the front of the pack. The crowd was going crazy watching him jump a 3-3-3 combo in the rhythm section after the start, where he was able to jump his way past people and into the lead. His lap times were a lot faster than his competition, and he was able to open up a comfortable lead.

Justin Hill rode well to finish 2nd, but mentioned that he was riding a bit tight thinking about the championship. He almost lost 2nd place to Oldenburg, who came from behind in an excellent ride to get his first career podium with a 3rd place finish.

Here are the official results:

250 West:




My Opinion: We had the privilege of attending this race in person, and let me tell you, it was amazing! Definitely one of the best races I’ve ever seen; there were amazing battles in both classes all night long! The crowd was also so into it, yelling and cheering with every sketchy moment or good pass. All in all, a great race with a great atmosphere despite cold and wet conditions. I’d say that the return to the PNW was successful, and I hope that Seattle gets a permanent spot on the schedule!

Tomac was insane last night. He was jumping sections during the main that no one had jumped all day. And these were in rough and rutted conditions! After seeing pictures of the track, it’s incredible that these guys were able to jump a double, let alone triple through an entire section. Tomac was incredible; definitely a full level ahead of his competition last night.

Similarly, Plessinger also was a step above his competition. He rode so well, jumping the 3-3-3 every lap, and getting the crowd to support him as he moved his way through the pack. Plessinger loves these conditions, and it showed in Seattle.

Truthfully, it’s hard to express in words how well Tomac and Plessinger were riding. All I can say is that I was utterly impressed; so phenomenal.

This championship is getting interesting folks! Tied in points! Dungey rode well coming from behind, but wow, Tomac is unstoppable right now. This is going to go allllllllll the way to Vegas.

Also check out this funny moment from Musquin trying to celebrate his win. We all got a good laugh talking about it during the press conference afterwards.

Cover photo from Supercross LIVE

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