Qualifying just finished in Seattle under the open-air stadium of CenturyLink Field. Racing will get underway shortly, live on FS1 starting at 10:00 pm ET.

The main story of the day is once again the weather (classic for Seattle). The area suffered from a lot of rain earlier this week and yesterday, but luckily it held off for most of the day so far. It’s not expected to rain later either, but most of the damage is already done, as the track is super soft. However, the Dirt Wurx crew did an amazing job getting it prepped, and it’s surprisingly not too muddy.

The qualifying sessions were ran under a rain schedule, with only one practice session for these guys. As a result, they only had 10 minutes to get used to the track and get their fastest lap. Most of the riders were struggling with the rhythm sections; they got rutted early on, and were difficult to consistently jump through. Mitchell Oldenburg was one of the only riders doing 3-3-3 through the rhythm section after the start.

Here are the qualifying results:

250 West:




My Opinion: The main thing to watch throughout the night is definitely how the track progresses. The Dirt Wurx crew already did a great job with prepping it, but it’s still SUPER soft. A lot of these guys are really struggling with these conditions; most riders are just doubling through the rhythms.

The track is actually really cool. It has three awesome rhythm sections, that have some different jumping options. And because the faces are soft, they get rutted quickly and make it so much tougher. The real separator tonight are these sections; it’s going to be hard to pull off the fast jump combos consistently.

Ugh, really tough to get used to the track after only 10 minutes (these guys are used to at least 30 minutes of practice). This makes me think that the practice times will not be too telling of the lap times tonight.

To no one’s surprise, Eli Tomac, Ryan Dungey, and Marvin Musquin were all really fast in practice. These guys have definitely solidified themselves as the top 3 in their class.

In the 250s, Mitchell Oldenburg is looking really fast! He seems comfortable with the track, and was one of the only 250 riders jumping some of the rhythm sections. Additionally, Aaron Plessinger seems to be flowing well on this track; not really a surprise, he loves soft conditions like this.

My picks for the podiums are:


  1. Aaron Plessinger
  2. Justin Hill
  3. Mitchell Oldenburg


  1. Eli Tomac
  2. Ryan Dungey
  3. Marvin Musquin

Cover photo from Supercross LIVE

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