Round 9 of the 2017 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship from Toronto is now over; hard to believe that we are already half way through the series!

Firstly, the Toronto track provided some amazing racing. The soil was soft, but held up fairly well, and provided a good challenge for many riders. A tricky rhythm section got rutted throughout the night, but didn’t break down nearly as much as expected, so riders were still able to jump a 3-3-4-3 combination for most of the night. Additionally, a large whoop section remained difficult throughout the night, and separated many riders.

The 450 class was basically a reversal of what we saw last weekend: instead of Dungey getting a good start, Eli Tomac was up front right away, whereas Dungey was way in the back of the pack. Tomac quickly pulled a lead and cruised into the finish, but Dungey had his work cut out for him, coming from outside the top 10 all the way to second.

Once again, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM rider Blake Baggett rode outstanding. It looked to be another podium for him, but two small crashes ultimately put him back to 5th. Capitalizing on Baggett’s crashes was Broc Tickle, who had a very noticeable career best finish to get his first podium in supercross! Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Tickle.

The Baker Factory had a mediocre night in Toronto. Dungey and Osborne rode well, but Marvin Musquin was suffering from the flu, and Jason Anderson broke some spokes in a first lap incident; both riders finished outside the top 10.

In the 250 east class, Zach Osborne once again dominated. He had to pass both Ferrandis and Savatgy before getting into the lead, but once he had the lead, he easily opened up a comfortable gap over Savatgy. Savatgy looked to have 2nd place locked up, but crashed with a few laps remaining by attempting the difficult quad in the rhythm section; he was lucky to get away from that crash unscathed, and he still finished in 6th. Colt Nichols also had a minor crash in the same rhythm section, which allowed Adam Cianciarulo and Christian Craig to get on the podium.

Here are the official results:

250 East:






My Opinion: Toronto provided some AMAZING racing! Heat races, semis, LCQs, and the mains (so EVERY race) were all exciting. The dirt was soft and rutted up, but yet didn’t break down that much; this challenged the riders, but still allowed them to jump all obstacles throughout the night.

Eli Tomac is the man to beat right now. Since his crash in Arlington, he has won twice, and should have won in Atlanta if it weren’t for a horrible start. Eli just looks super confident on and off the bike; this guy is all business right now! Once Eli got into the lead, I didn’t even bother watching him for the rest of the race… he had that one covered from start to finish.

After his win in Atlanta, Ryan Dungey had another really good ride. He was WAYYYY back at the beginning, but still managed to come back to 2nd. I really didn’t expect him to come from that far back, so kudos to him… impressive ride for sure.

How about Broc Tickle?! His finish tonight just goes to show how important a start is… last weekend he got a bad start, rode hard, and yet finished 14th. This weekend, he got a start within the top 3, put down some solid laps, and managed to retain that podium spot! I’m really impressed with his riding in Toronto.

Tickle’s night wasn’t all pleasant though… he had some serious drama with Justin Barcia in the heat race, which escalated to the two of them shoving one another after the race. This definitely wasn’t Tickle’s fault though… Barcia was being an absolute goon on the track, and got unnecessarily hot-headed. These guys were clearly a lot faster than him, but yet he was trying to smash them off the track whenever they tried to get around… not classy man!

Also, some weird drama between Vince Friese and Justin Brayton. These guys are supposed to be teammates, but yet they’re block passing and riding VERY aggressively towards one another. Brayton is also not pitting with the rest of the team, so I’m thinking Brayton is not too happy with his situation on MCR right now; I’m not sure exactly what’s going on there.

In the 250 class, Zach Osborne is on fire!! This guy is killing it every time he gets on the track. He’s smooth and setting blistering fast lap times… I’m thinking he’s the championship favorite now! His ability to pass Savatgy and pull away with ease must REALLY scare the rest of the competition right now.

Adam Cianciarulo and Christian Craig both podiumed, but neither were happy with their riding. Truthfully, their podium was definitely a bit lucky, as they took advantage from crashes by both Savatgy and Nichols. Speaking about Nichols, the results don’t show how well he was riding in Toronto; this guy is super fast! I’m expecting Nichols to win soon.

Cover photo from Supercross LIVE

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