Round 7 of Monster Energy Supercross wrapped up last night in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This round was also the first round of the 250 East Region featuring names such as Joey Savatgy, Christian Craig, Adam Cianciarulo and many more as this field was very deep.

The track got beat down very easily and once again in a few corners it was down to the plywood causing some very sketchy sections of the track. Whether it was track conditions or the tightness of the track there were quite a few crashes that we witnessed and in the end, two main 450 riders had their night ended with injury. Cooper Webb crashed in his heat race and walked off holding his arm and elbow. The early word is that it is a shoulder injury, but it does not sound that severe. Justin bogle had a scary crash in his semi, but afterwards he posted that he will be okay and will be back at it in Atlanta.

In the 450 main, Millsaps got to the lead early after Seely crashed on his own. He did not hold on for long as he quickly got passed by Tomac and then Dungey. Tomac started to slowly reel away from Dungey and got some help when Dungey made a big mistake and almost went down. Tomac was able to stay in front for the rest of the race and won his third main event of the year. Musquin rode well coming from behind and passing Dungey for second place and actually was inching into Tomac’s lead throughout the race. Anderson and Seely would round off your top 5.

In the first main of the 250 East we saw TLD/Red Bull KTM’s rider of Jordon Smith lead early and actually put up a good fight and led for half the race before Joey Savatgy came and took the lead and the win away. Possibly the fastest rider of the night was Zach Osborne as he had worked his way up to second place and was gaining on Savatgy before he crashed and fell back to 3rd again. He almost got Smith for second again, but a third will have to do for the first of nine rounds. Hampshire and Cianciarulo finished 4th and 5th respectively. Christian Craig had an awful night as he got a bad start and made many mistakes and could only finish 12th. Other notables like Alex Martin and Benny Bloss did not even finish the race.

Here are the full results:

250 East:

250 Minneapolis results


Minneapolis Results

My Opinion: I don’t think the track was very good as it was very tight and hard to pass and get around lappers and there were so many lappers because of how bad the dirt broke down. It seems like we have had too many tracks this years that are breaking down like no tomorrow! Yes a lot of that can be contributed to the rain in all the California rounds. But they weren’t under any TV constraints for these last two rounds as they weren’t shown live so why don’t they take some time to fix the track more?

Anyways, for the race I predicted the 450 podium would be as it was, but I honestly didn’t think Dungey would fade as much as he did. He was kind of latching on to Tomac at the beginning and I think after he made that mistake he lost his groove and backed it down. I imagine losing like this will soon get tiring for Dungey, if it hasn’t already. I am very impressed with Tomac and Musquin and I definitely see them as the two guys to beat at the next few races.

In the 250 class I think Osborne would have won that race if he hadn’t have gone down, but that is all speculation now. I found it interesting how Savatgy stated that he didn’t ride very good in the main. Dude, you won! Just take the win and the points lead and move on! Smith really impressed me, but I am not quite sure if he will be up front every week. I have to see more from him to believe it.

Photo from Racer X Online

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