Round 6 of the 2017 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship is done! It took place in Arlington’s AT&T stadium yesterday and provided lots of action, with the championship point standings getting shook up in both classes.

Many were expecting the Kawasaki duo of Tomac and Hill to continue their winning streaks. Hill was able to do this, but was given a stroke of luck due to McElrath’s bike breaking; McElrath looked to have the win for sure before this. On the other hand, Tomac was not able to repeat, and a crash pushed him all the way outside the top 10.

We have a new winner in the 450 class! It was only a matter of time before Marvin Musquin found himself on the top of the podium, and this is precisely where he found himself yesterday in Arlington. Musquin looked great all day, and led the entire race. After grabbing the hole shot, he pulled a comfortable lead quickly over Webb. Webb eventually suffered from a rear flat, giving Musquin an ever larger lead over Seely behind him. Musquin rode smoothly and comfortable, maintaining his 6 second lead the entire race; a very mature ride for Marvin on a very difficult track.

The track itself gave many riders troubles throughout the race. Eli Tomac, Chad Reed, Blake Baggett, Davi Millsaps, and Trey Canard all crashed on the slick, rutted track. Towards the end, most riders were just cruising around trying to keep it on two wheel; when you see the best riders in the world struggling to complete a lap, you know it’s very tricky! This caused a large separation on the track: Musquin lapped up to 8th, and there were hardly any battles on the track.

In fact, one of the only battles on the track was between Dean Wilson and Ryan Dungey. Wilson was riding great, and held off Dungey for most of the race, before eventually getting passed with a few laps to go. Wilson ended up 5th, his best finish of the year.

The 450 Main Event was actually restarted on the first lap, due to a crash from Justin Brayton. Brayton was knocked out for a while, but eventually was able to walk off with help from the medics.

Here are the results:

250 Class:



450 Class:



My Opinion: I am super happy for Marvin Musquin! We all know Musquin should have won last year in Atlanta, and I’m glad he finally got a win under his belt; it must be a huge sigh of relief for him. I predicted Marvin for the win; he always thrives at the east coast tracks, and was riding great all day.

We were all talking about the Tomac vs. Dungey battle for the championship, but could Marvin potentially get in there? Marvin is definitely less consistent than Dungey, but he has the speed, and I think he will excel on the coming tracks; the west coast is his weakness, but we are now past that. Besides, Tomac had a rough night, and has fallen back in the point standings; Musquin is only 18 behind Dungey! Nothing serious yet, but something to keep an eye on at least.

Speaking of Tomac and Dungey, disappointing rides for both of them in Arlington. Tomac was actually looking very fast, and was quickly working his way through the pack (similar to last weekend in Oakland) before crashing. The real question is wether or not he would have caught Musquin, but we will never know. In contrast, Dungey just looked awful all day. He struggled in practice, and continued to struggle in the main event; he’s normally a lot faster, but was definitely off the pace in Arlington. In fact, Dungey has seemed a bit off the entire season so far; he’s just not the same Dungey that we’ve seen in the past two years… keep an eye on this as well.

Dean Wilson has finally made the move to the 450 class folks! I know, I know, he’s technically been in this class for the last three years, but it’s not the same Deano that we knew back in his 250 Pro Circuit days when he won the outdoor title. Well, good news, I truthfully thinks he’s back! Dean rode awesome for the entire race last night. No more arm pump issues (like he has struggled with on the 450 bike in the past), and I’m predicting that (like Musquin) he will excel on the upcoming east coast tracks. I’m so pumped about this! Dean is a great guy, great racer, and he is nothing but good news for the sport.

Ugh, what could have been for Shane McElrath, and the excitement of the 250 West points battle! Now, it looks like Hill has this championship wrapped up. Sickening to see Shane lose out on the championship in this way, but bike failures have plagued us all (look at Musquin in the 2015 MX Championship). If not for bike problems, I think McElrath would have definitely won in Arlington.

Some other things to note: good rides for both Austin Forkner and Aaron Plessinger. Forkner had the pace of the front-runners, and may have won that race if not for a few big mistakes that almost caused him to crash. Plessinger also rode AMAZING. He had a horrible start, but was coming through the pack like everyone was standing still.

We now officially go east, as the 250 East Championship starts next weekend for round 7 in Minneapolis, MN.

Cover Photo from Twitter by Supercross LIVE (@SupercrossLIVE)

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