Well there goes another eventful night in Monster Energy Supercross! Round 3 in Anaheim, California provided quite the shake up in the overall outlook in both championship fights as we seem to have a shift of momentum in one class and 2 championship contenders lose hopes of a title in the other class.

So the night got off on an interesting note when in one of the 450 heats, Friese held up many riders and caused them all to be bunched up behind him. The end result of this was a take out by Friese, causing both Anderson and Musquin to crash and a trip to the semis. On the way off the track, an understandably frustrated Anderson rode up on Friese and had some choice words and a smack to the back of Friese’s head. That was all she wrote for El Hombre as the AMA decided to DQ Anderson for the rest of the night. There goes one rider’s chance of a title.

The actual main event was also very eventful as we had many story lines take place. Dungey hole shots and opened up a gap on the rest of the field. Roczen, who struggled on the start, quickly worked his way up the field and looked great on the bike. It seemed that maybe Roczen could reel in Dungey by the time this one was done, but disaster struck as Roczen got bucked off his Honda and landed on the face of a jump putting him out of the race. He struggled to get up and needed help from the Asterisk medical team. The word is a broken arm and unfortunately there goes another championship contender.

Other interesting notes are that Musquin finished another great finish with 2nd and was only about 4 seconds back of Dungey. Seely grabbed his first podium of the season and Webb greatly improved this weekend with a 4th place. Malcolm Stewart in his first race of 2017 crashed and finished 18th.

For the 250 class we also saw a different winner in Pro Circuit’s Justin Hill! He got out front early and just slowly pulled away from the rest of the field. Aaron Plessinger finished 2nd and got the start that he needed but still could not get it done as Hill even passed him early on. The points leader McElrath came in at 3rd and simply did not have the speed to contest for a win. Could we be seeing a possible shift in the momentum? Is Hill going to be the guy to beat from here on out?

Here are the results:

250 Class:

Anaheim 2 250 Results

450 Class:

Anaheim 2 450 Results

My Opinion:

First off I will briefly touch on the Anderson DQ. All I saw was an angry upset guy who smacked Friese across the head as if he was saying “what are you doing buddy?!”. I understand the rule if you use physical violence you are automatically DQ, but haven’t we seen many riders smack others across the helmet? I mean come on, It wasn’t like he was throwing haymakers! Secondly when will the AMA stop giving warnings to Friese about they dangerous way he rides and actually punish him instead of punishing the riders he provokes on the track? Alright that’s enough of that.

So Dungey looked great once again and now is poised to win his 4th SX championship! I don’t want to say that I called it, because you never want to see a rider go out with an injury, but that is exactly why i was hesitant on putting Roczen as my title favourite. Now Dungey may go on and win most of the remaining races and cruise in for the championship, but please guys, I don’t want to hear any more of this chase format! That is not the solution to make Supercross better! Why would we want to punish a rider who has a huge points lead because he is the most consistent SX rider ever? So Dungey dominates and stays healthy through all 17 rounds, isn’t that what Supercross is all about? If the chase format gets implemented, we have to asks ourselves, if we are doing it to improve the sport, or are we just trying to make it more exciting (WWE makes there fights more exciting all the time…).

Now I’m sure Musquin and Seely are not just going to give this thing to Dungey. Musquin wants to win. He knows he can beat Dungey at the test tracks, so why can’t he do it at the races? This championship is far from over, there are still 14 more rounds so lets stop complaining that it is going to be boring and just enjoy the best sport in the world!

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