Indianapolis was home to the first 250 East vs. West Showdown (outside from the typical Vegas one). So let’s jump straight to it: did it work out?

In my opinion, all 250 riders racing together was definitely a good thing. Everything (heat races, qualifying practices, and main event) was better with the showdown. In talking to the riders afterwards, all of them seemed to agree as well. In fact, in the the post-race press conference, every rider agreed that they should race the entire season together! They seemed to think that it’s annoying having two different championships racing together in one race for shared points, so they’d rather just make it one championship. I’d have to agree with this. The 250 class provides for excellent racing, and having the best 250 riders all racing together would only make the racing better.

And about the racing… it was great in the 250s! The track was getting super gnarly with some tricky ruts, but these guys kept up the pace for all 15 minutes. Honestly though, in seeing how soft the track was on press day, I thought it was going to be much worse. Huge props to Dirt Wurx for keeping that track remotely rideable.

No surprise to see Jeremy Martin ride well on this track. By now, we all know that the hard pack west coast tracks aren’t his thing, and he’s proven this recently by really shining on softer east coast tracks. I must admit, I’m super impressed with J-Mart this year. I had given up on him in Supercross, but the last 4 races have been great for him. He definitely has figured out something for this year!

It was pretty exciting when both current 250 point leaders, Osborne and Plessinger, were wayyy back at the beginning. Unfortunately for the fans, the two guys who could challenge them (oddly enough, both Pro Circuit riders) messed up. Forkner was just not riding up to par, and didn’t capitalize on a first turn crash by his championship competitor Osborne. On the other hand, Savatgy had a great opportunity to make up some points on Plessinger, but Savatgy does as he always does, and crashed under pressure.

The 450 class was boring once again… these races are yawn-worthy every time. With the championship hunt essentially over, and a lot of riders injured, the 450 class just isn’t the same as we’ve seen it in years past. Nonetheless, there’s still the occasional exciting battle, and this weekend it was between Broc Tickle, Justin Brayton, and Dean Wilson. Wilson had finally gotten and good start, and both him and Tickle were fighting for career best finishes, all the while holding off a confident Brayton. Wilson ended up holding on to it, and wow, what a relief. I know I’m supposed to be neutral as a media guy and all, but I can’t help being ecstatic for Deano. It has been a long road for him, and that first career 450 podium is nice to see for all of us. Congrats Deano!

These riders get a well-deserved break, and then off to Seattle!

Scott Yargeau

I grew up racing motocross in a small town in Canada, and I now work as a mathematician in New York City. Combining my two passions, I'm excited to apply my skills in data analysis to the sport to produce stats-based race reports and projections.

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