Last week we saw a very competitive and gruelling Daytona track and it provided for some great racing. For all the media guys that seem to love the Triple Crown so much, explain to me how you would want to get rid of the current 20 minute format?!? This format is by no means dead and it still provides for great racing as was seen at Daytona. Anyways here are my 450 rankings heading into St. Louis.

  1. Eli Tomac

Okay that was an incredible race to watch and mainly it was because of this guy right here. Tomac crashed early on and I’m not going to lie, but I thought he was going to throw in the towel and either cruise around for a 10th or something like that or find an excuse to pull off. Wow how was I wrong! He charged so hard to come from 22nd to 2nd place and with a few more minutes he would have won that race! On a regular Supercross track I don’t think he would have been able to do that as he just excels so much on a track like Daytona. Part of me wonders if Tomac wasn’t even pushing one hundred percent until he realized with the crashes of Anderson and Musquin maybe he could win and then he turned it up another level. This is just a theory of mine and not really based on any stats. Tomac has to be the favourite this weekend in St. Louis.

  1. Jason Anderson

Well the big question we had the last few rounds was when was Anderson going to have an unlucky bad night and when he does will it be a DNF or a salvaged top 10. Well can we just give him the crown already (okay there is no crown) because he showed with that 7th place finish that he is ready to be a champion. Daytona was just bad all around, he crashed in his heat and just barely made it through to 9th and than in the main he had a brutal start and then crashed early on. Honestly though it could have been so much worth and Anderson should be pleased with that 7th. Take the 40-point lead and try again in St. Louis. He is still riding very good and the only reason I have him in 2nd in because of how fast Tomac was at Daytona.

  1. Marvin Musquin

Marvin Musquin blew that race without a doubt. That was his to win, but he threw it away. I don’t want to say that Brayton couldn’t have passed Marv back, but Musquin just has the experience and finesse to win on that track so yeah it was his to win. Everyone will be talking about that first crash while leading, but when he got up he was in 4th place with a lot of time left and it was the second crash in the sand corner that really cost him a chance for the win or at least a podium. Despite the two crashes he still finished 5th and has actually been very consistent since round 4. Things would be a lot different if Musquin hadn’t crashed in Houston. At St. Louis, look for Musquin to be back up front battling with Tomac and Anderson.

  1. Cooper Webb

Webb finally broke through with his first podium of the season at round 10! I bet a lot of people would be surprised if they were told this coming into Anaheim 1. Truth is Webb is finally riding well and he has proven that he can be consistent on the 450 and it is just so satisfying to finally see. I stick to my prediction that he will win a race before the end of the year. I really thought he would catch Brayton quicker in that race, but he said in an interview that he was just making small mistakes out there that added up.

  1. Justin Brayton

No words needed… Except maybe exceptional, amazing, fantastic and a thousand other words. I dare you to find one motocross fan that wasn’t ecstatic with Brayton winning that race other than Ellie Reed. It is always exciting to see any rider get his first win in the 450SX class, but with a rider like Brayton it is even more special. He broke the record for the oldest rider to ever win a Supercross! This may be his only win ever, but does anybody really care. He achieved greatness last Saturday and to see him so thrilled after the win was just the icing on the cake. Another thing to note is that Brayton won at Daytona, which is probably the most unlikely track that he would win on, as he is not a motocross guy at all. I expect Brayton to ride this high to more top 5 finishes and you may just see him battling up front more often than not for the remainder of 2018.

  1. Blake Baggett

It is really unfortunate for Baggett to have his wrist injury the week before his best track. It was very evident that Baggett was set back from this injury. He went from battling for podiums to a 9th place guy and that’s what he was at Daytona, just a 9th place guy. Obviously the injury isn’t that bad so expect him to be back swinging soon. I expect a 5-7th place finish at St. Louis.

  1. Christian Craig

Can we sign a petition to keep Craig on the 450 for the rest of his career??? His style suits the big bike so much more in my opinion and with more tweaking he could become a podium guy in a year or two. At Daytona he got another hole shot, but quickly was passed by Brayton and Musquin. After that he settled down for a bit before settling in for a 4th place finish. Nothing to be ashamed of that is a great ride even if he got some help from crashes. If everything goes right Craig could steal a podium here in the final 7 rounds.

  1. Weston Peick

After that brutal crash last weekend, any finish for Peick should be something that he is thankful for. Most guys wouldn’t be able to race a track like Daytona after the beating he took. Who are we kidding though, this is Weston Peick who is widely considered to be the only guy in the world to be able to take a beating by Mike Tyson and still ride the next day. However, he admitted that he was super sore and the crash from last weekend was why he faded drastically at the end of the race. Don’t worry Peick we understand, plus you still got a 6th place finish so that’s more than just something.

  1. Dean Wilson

Most of these columns are fairly positive, but sometimes when I am critical of other riders such as Baggett and Webb they really picked up their game. With that said I am going to be critical of Wilson this time around. Deano has had plenty of time to heal that shoulder and get back to race pace. Look at Tomac and Musquin. Look at Peick! He really should have had a better finish than 8th last weekend. He was up to 5th mid way through and just did nothing with it, he faded fairly bad at the end and ended up 8th. He cant uses the start as an excuse anymore because he finally got a good start! So why did he finish where he always has? I’m only critical because we all know that he can be so much better than that. With a weakened field Deano should be better than 8th. On to St. Louis.

  1. Broc Tickle

Tickle was not all that impressive last weekend, riding around to a 10th place finish. It probably doesn’t help that he is battling with guys like Anderson and Tomac for 10th. Tickle has actually not been very impressive all season as expectations were fairly high for him coming into the season. However I put him 10th on these rankings as there really aren’t any other riders that deserve this spot over him. This field really starts to thin out after around 12th place.

Craig Yargeau

I am a proud Canadian currently attending university working towards an undergraduate degree. I love following supercross and writing about moto.

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