We have made it to Round 10 Daytona Supercross. Wow it seems every Supercross season goes by faster than the last. Daytona is always an interesting event because of the outdoor style track. The last few years have had really tight and kind of lame tracks, but this track layout definitely looks more promising. Here are my full 450 rankings heading into round 10.

  1. Jason Anderson

After a few weeks of Tomac finding the top spot of the podium, Anderson was able to pull out the overall at Atlanta. This race was the second triple crown race and Anderson had a big lead heading into the third moto and all he had to do was cruise around to a 4th place and that’s exactly what he did. While this race produced a lot of great races, let us not forget that cruising around in the third moto will happen a lot in these Triple Crown races and that is just something we will have to get used to. Personally I think the last race should be worth more points as this will limit the amount of times we see rides like this. Without a doubt Anderson was the fastest rider last week and he deserved the win. Watch for Anderson to keep pushing hard for a few more rounds before he takes it into cruise control for the last 3 or 4.

  1. Eli Tomac

Tomac at times looked super fast last weekend, but then he would never really get it together for the whole moto. It’s fairly surprising that Tomac didn’t even win a single race to be honest. In my opinion it looked like riders like Webb and Musquin really stepped up their game this weekend and that’s why we didn’t see the dominant Tomac that we usually see. At Daytona, Tomac is real fast and I don’t expect this year to be anything different. He will be going for 3 Daytona wins in a row this weekend. Oh yeah Tomac ruined his crash or win streak last weekend. Dang, that was fun while it lasted.

  1. Marvin Musquin

Musquin is starting to really feel it out there. Last weekend if he had gotten a start the first two races then I think he would have really had a shot at winning the overall as he was probably the second fastest or fastest all day long. I feel like it must be a major confidence booster to beat Eli Tomac straight up twice and I think that confidence will carry into the next round at Daytona I expect another podium and for Musquin to get back to the top step very, very soon. Another thing to notice is that we still haven’t really seen any crazy fireworks between him and Anderson, but they are still not getting along so it is just a matter of time in my opinion. Perhaps this weekend…

  1. Cooper Webb

Yesssss!! Cooper Webb is starting to get the ball rolling and that ball is going to be rolling very fast soon, just you wait. I’m going to say it again and this time I wont regret it, Webb will win his first race before the end of the season. There is nothing that can stop him from getting up there soon. Considering he went 2-3 in the last two motos last race, it’s crazy that he walked away with a 6th overall. That just goes to show that you have to be consistent through all three races in order to have a shot at the podium. The one thing that I would like to see Webb improve on is him getting back to that super aggressive race style that he had on the 250s. He was unstoppable back then and could stick a pass from anywhere on the track. Either way, he wins soon.

  1. Blake Baggett

Damn that was almost the night for Baggett, but then of course he had to go and case a rhythm and hurt his wrist. This really was a bummer as he was riding so, so well, but luckily he is going to try and gut it out for Daytona. This is where I am divided… on one hand, or should I say wrist, Baggett is injured and who knows how good he will be this weekend. Will it be a Tomac comeback and have winning speed right away or will we see a Dean Wilson Comeback and struggle this weekend? On the other hand Baggett is really fast right now and Daytona arguably is his best shot at winning his first SX main. He should be at least 4th on these rankings (maybe even higher), but I have dropped him back a little bit just because of the wrist sprain.

  1. Justin Brayton

The Triple Crown was introduced to the series as a format that would provide for great racing and bring new faces to the front. Well they successfully achieved that this weekend as Justin Brayton won the first moto! He definitely gave it his all during that moto and had some help with Baggett and Anderson Battling it out, but he once again was riding super well. He admitted that he was not focused on the next two races, as he was just so happy about the first. With two 4th place overalls, the Triple Crown obviously suits a rider like Brayton. I’m happy for Brayton and this will probably be one of his highlights for his career, but let us remember that in the records, this will unfortunately just be a fourth place finish.

  1. Christian Craig

Christian Craig has been given the clear to remain with HRC Honda racing a 450 for the remainder of the Supercross Season and I couldn’t be more pleased with this decision. Craig rides the 450 so well and he deserves a 450 ride. Even though the field is depleted 6-7-5 results for 5th overall is something to proud of (Also he should be very proud of his starts). This just seems like a no brainer to keep him on the 450, he could either get 5th place finishes on the 250 racing half the field or get 5th place finishes racing against guys like Anderson and Eli Tomac. I don’t know if we will see Craig back in the top 5 this weekend in Daytona, but after a few more races in this class I certainly see him getting back up there.

  1. Dean Wilson

It is always good to see new contenders up front battling and in the best-case scenario we would have the whole field healthy and racing to their true potential. Unfortunately Wilson has yet to reach his true potential and that truly sucks as he has some real speed on a dirt bike. If Wilson can improve his starts then maybe that could help spark the flame. All I can say is injuries suck man. Anyways, Wilson is still a solid top 10 guy every week and that should be something to be proud of.

  1. Weston Peick

Who is Weston Peick… Like honestly what the heck! If you haven’t seen his crash from last week stop what you are doing and go watch it. Okay now how did he even get up from that crash let alone race a few hours later that night?!? Not only did he race, but if it wasn’t for another crash in moto one he would have gotten a solid top 10 overall. Peick has some gnarly crashes every year and 75% of the time he is okay when every other rider would not be okay. He is simply put a beast!

  1. Malcolm Stewart

Mookie Fever has been a little dormant this year, but we still have 8 more rounds for the fever to spread across the industry. Last weekend he got another top 10 and as mentioned for any rider that is a good accomplishment, but Malcolm like Wilson has so much untapped potential! Let’s hope Mookie can put in some strong rides as the season winds down because if he doesn’t ride outdoors again it will be hard for teams to sign him come November this year. Look for him to be sitting near 10th place at the end of round 10 at Daytona.

Craig Yargeau

I am a proud Canadian currently attending university working towards an undergraduate degree. I love following supercross and writing about moto.

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  1. True words about cooper Webb ,it’s taken sometime for coop to find his bearings on the heavier 450 and being a shorter rider I could imagine would be hectic for him ,he’s had a few rookie drops around corners but yer bring back the demon in him for sure

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