#44 Jordon Smith (Troy Lee Designs KTM):

Just a week ago Jordon Smith got his first ever career win. This past weekend, Smith went two in a row! Not many riders can back up their first win with another one immediately. However, oddly enough, both Shane McElrath and Zach Osborne were able to do exactly that earlier this year, and now Jordon Smith joins that crew!

What’s really impressive with Smith this year is his consistent starts and his ability to improve as the day goes on. Honestly, I never pick Smith to even be on the podium, mainly because he just doesn’t look that fast (at least compared to guys like Osborne and Savatgy) early on in practice. Then, as the night show rolls around, he always has only mediocre heat races (definitely never shockingly fast). Despite all of this, he always pulls off a great start in the main, and puts in a consistently fast 15 minutes. The last two weekends now, he was able to take advantage of crashes early on from Savatgy, and then up his pace near the end to hold off a charging Savatgy. It’s this turn around and improvement throughout the day that really impresses me.

Something else noteworthy is that he always holds his own even with pressure from behind. Smith must have realized that Savatgy had a better pace in St. Louis, but nonetheless, Smith held his lines, and never tightened. For all of those who have raced in an intense environment like this, I’m sure you can appreciate the sheer mental determination this requires. All of this put together, and there’s no doubt in my mind that Jordon Smith was the Most Impressive Rider in St. Louis.

Smith now sits only 6 points back of Savatgy in the championship point standings… can he win this championship? The 250SX East class now takes a minor break before resuming in 3 weeks time.

Cover photo from SupercrossLIVE on Twitter (@SupercrossLIVE)

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