#16 Zach Osborne (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna):

There’s no doubt that Zach has been the guy to beat every round so far. After a disappointing weekend in Daytona where a crash set him back, resulting in a loss of some major points, Zach rebounded in Indy. Not only did he win, but he passed his main competitor Joey Savatgy in the process.

Zach has had an up and down career so far. After being a highly anticipated amateur, his professional career took a long time to get started. He ended up racing the GPs for a while before finally coming back to the U.S., but even then his results were never quite there. Since his return to the U.S., he has been steadily improving, but never to the point where he was a serious threat for wins.

Well folks, it’s a new era for Zach Osborne! Not only is a now a threat for wins, but he’s the biggest threat by far the 2017 Monster Energy 250SX East Championship. Osborne has been dominating lately!! This is a huge surprise to see someone turn it around so late in their career; very impressive indeed.

In Indy, Osborne got off to a good start right behind Savatgy. After pressuring Savatgy for the first half, Osborne finally forced his way around him with an aggressive pass. After that, he pulled a small but comfortable lead, and cruised it in for the win. It all seems effortless for him, and whenever you can pass your main competitor like that, the confidence scale is hugely tipping in his favor.

Overall, Osborne made a statement in Indy. We are now 5 rounds into the 250SX East Championship, and Osborne continues to impress. Look for him to win this title.

Cover photo from Racer X Online by Rich Shepherd

Scott Yargeau

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