#25 Marvin Musquin (Red Bull KTM):


Finally! Marvin Musquin has won! No more Atlanta 2016 nightmares for him (if you don’t get that reference, watch this).

Marvin was looking amazing on the Arlington track all day long, and rode flawless for the entire main event. No doubt he must have been nervous to get his first win; the pressure must have continued to mount as the checkered flag drew nearer and nearer. Nonetheless, he remained calm, smoothly coasting in for his first ever 450SX win. He mentioned after the fact that he surprisingly didn’t get too nervous, and was able to stay relaxed on the bike; this is the marker of a true champion!

Musquin really suits these east coast style tracks with the tackier dirt. He always seems to excel when it gets rutted and worn down. If you rewatch the race, notice how other riders are struggling in the whoops as the night progresses. Well, not Musquin! He has perfected the technique of jumping through the whoops, and he used this to his advantage in Arlington to help to get the win. I’m expecting more wins from Musquin, and consistency podium finished from him as the series moves even farther east now.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier for Musquin to finally get this win off of his back. No doubt a fan favorite, tears must have been flowing on Saturday night as Musquin cross the finish line in first. I’m very impressed with his maturity on the track, being super smooth and remaining calm, despite it only being his second year in the 450 class. More than anything, I’m impressed by Musquin’s raw speed, and his motivation to rise to the top in a very packed field. Other 250 championships have gone unheard of after making the transition to the 450 (i.e. Jake Weimer, Broc Tickle, Justin Bogle), but Musquin refuses to be forgotten; he’s making a very great impression!

Cover photo from Transworld Motocross by Ryan Swanberg

Scott Yargeau

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