#46 Justin Hill (Pro Circuit Kawasaki):

This is the second weekend in a row that Hill has been the Most Impressive Rider. Hill’s ride in Anaheim was great… leading from start to finish, and setting the fastest lap time by almost a full-second over the rest of the field. In such a stacked class, where we state that many riders could win in a given night, a dominating performance such as this is might impressive indeed. Not to mention, both Plessinger and Forkner started ahead of Hill, but aggression and a blistering pace on the first lap allowed Hill to make quick work of them. Plessinger was fast, and finally got a much needed start, but Hill was just that much faster at Anaheim 2.

Oddly enough, Hill’s start to the 2017 season is exactly the same as his 2016 season in terms of results; he has finished 5th-2nd-1st. Unfortunately, in 2016 he crashed out of practice in the 4th round, and missed the rest of the season. In other words, he was never really given the opportunity to fully blossom. In fact, all of Justin Hill’s career has been marked by untimely injuries; we’ve never seen his full potential. I think this has changed for him, and I’m expecting Hill to be a real threat for the title this year. Let’s see if he can stay healthy for the remainder of the season.

Photo from Vital MX by GuyB

Scott Yargeau

I grew up racing motocross in a small town in Canada, and I now work as a mathematician in New York City. Combining my two passions, I'm excited to apply my skills in data analysis to the sport to produce stats-based race reports and projections.

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