Osborne is leading the points in the 250SX East Championship, looking to defend his title from last year. With only 2 rounds left for the east riders, and yet another podium finish, it looks like Zach is well on his way to doing so.

We caught up with him after the race in Minneapolis for a casual chat about snow, the title hunt, and Broc Tickle’s suspension.

Moto Now: How about this snow eh? 

Zach Osborne: [Laughs] It’s wild. Who knows when we will get out of here. It’s cold too. Some guys had some crashes in the parking lot; it’s bad out there.

Yeah and everyone’s flight is delayed.

Mine says on time still, my flight is at 7, and apparently the airport doesn’t open until 8, so how it’s on time I have no clue.

[Laughs] With all this snow, where did you end up pitting today? I didn’t see you inside earlier… did you end up moving inside?

For the night show we did. The pit setups aren’t very mobile. You run the risk of getting stuck down here, which I think a lot of people are in that situation now. We did the same at Indy. But tonight the mechanics packed in what they thought they needed and we went from there.

Does that mess up your program at all? It must be different with having the rig at your convenience.

No, I’m not super regimented during race day. It’s pretty basic, pretty straight forward. As long as I’m hydrating and eating, I’m okay.

Well anyways… let’s get to the racing. Another championship by the looks of it. Are you thinking a lot about that already?

No, not really. You can’t really think about that. It’s still 4 more weeks until Vegas, and a lot of riding during the week and what not.

Well anyways… let’s get to the racing. The Triple crown format is unique with the short races. And I notice you struggle to get up front quickly. Is that something you are working on?

Yeah, practicing on starts a lot. That was super frustrating in the first main event because I was like 8th off the start. And I’m sick of that. I’m sick of battling every guy every weekend for every position. I’m sick of it. I want to go out there and have a good easy main event from the front for once. I’m working on it.

I bet you’re looking forward to outdoors… lot’s of time to work your way up front.

Yeah but still, eating roost the whole time it’s just not fun. I’d rather have a good start and enjoy my time out front.

Do you practice starts together with Jason Anderson and Marvin Musquin?

Yeah we practice starts together all the time. I made a change to my clutch this weekend to help with starts and I think it did. I just didn’t execute starts this weekend though, so gotta just keep practicing.

About it’s a shame about Broc [Tickle].

Yeah I’m bummed for the guy. It’s unfortunate, and hopefully he can get it cleared up.

Have you talked to him about it?

Yeah I just sent him a message saying sorry for what he’s going through and that it sucks. He says he didn’t do anything, and I know Broc on a very personal level. So it really sucks.

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