We were able to catch up with Marvin Musquin after the race in Minneapolis to get some details on the race and his thoughts on the triple crown.

Moto Now: I know it was touched upon in the press conference, but with the Triple Crown races all over, what do you think of them? Would you vote for more?

Marvin Musquin: No, no. I definitely agree with Eli, saying three [rounds] is already quite a lot. It’s really intense to go three main events with all the guys. More risk. I’m always glad to get out of it in one piece when I get out of it. I know it’s a lot of racing, more intensity, great show, It’s always great when you do good. But it can go pretty bad too. A lot of racing, a lot of intensity, a lot of block passes, and stuff like that. So let’s keep it with 2 or 3 [rounds].

Physically is it a lot harder?

Yeah it is. My first one I struggled with the shoulder. It’s better but I struggled getting it warmed up and getting it going. Physically it gets harder with each race, but my endurance is pretty good, and I was able to push hard the last race. Mentally it’s not easy, but I know my condition is good.

What do you do to recover in between the races?

Just relax. This weekend we were able to stay right down in the stadium and not have to go outside or anything like that. We did good with that, and my recovery is also pretty good.

You mentioned during the press conference that you made some changes on the bike in the first race that weren’t the best. What were the changes?

It’s little details. It’s basically balance with the bike. For me it’s harder to make the bike work and move it around and make it work. But we changed it back for the 2nd race and it was great.

In that last race you were already 6-7 seconds back from Anderson by the time you got into 2nd. You were catching a bit almost every lap though. Did you think you could catch all the way up to him?

When it’s a guy like that leading the championship you know you’re not gonna make up 2 seconds a lap or something like that. You still charge hard, you never know what can happen. He made a mistake in the second [race], he could have made a mistake in the third one as well.

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