The much anticipated opening press conference of the year occurred earlier today in Anaheim’s Angel Stadium. Relive and watch all moments of the press conference here, and read below for our opinionated snippets:

My opinion:

  • Marvin Musquin: Musquin seems super confident, calm, and collected. Straight to business in the conference, and once he took to the track, he definitely looked the fastest and smoothest. He was one of the guys who was attacking the track the hardest and finding cool ways to get around (such as manualing this small double before the second triple).
  • Eli Tomac: Tomac looks like a panther in all of these conferences: hunched over with a stern impression. Don’t get me wrong, he always looks serious and motivated, which makes me think he has a good mindset. Although kinda hard to read into, he always give short and concise answers.
  • Ken Roczen: Kenny seemed more nervous than normal, but you can’t blame him. I loved the suit once again, and it’s great to have him back at the races. Once on the track, Kenny looked like his normal self, and was one of the first to jump a quad in one of the sections.
  • Jason Anderson: Not many questions were posed to Anderson, because truthfully not many people are curious about him. He’s always a good rider, and will do good tomorrow night most likely. One thing to note is that he looks much leaner than last year, so this could be a sign of good off-season training. On that note, he did spend more time than usual back on the west coast away from Baker’s Factory. I don’t want to read into this, but one can’t help to wonder if there is tension between himself and fellow contender / Baker trainee Marvin Musquin.
  • Cooper Webb: Webb said he has learned from his rookie mistakes last year, and with a brand new YZ450, is ready to show everyone that he’s back to his old self. He shaved, so he definitely physically looks like his old self, and once he got on the track, he was pushing with the same gusto that we were used to seeing from his 250 class days.
  • Blake Baggett: Not much to be said about Baggett truthfully; very little information gleamed from him at press day.
  • Chad Reed: Only a few days back on the bike since his ankle injury, noticeably out-of-shape, but it’s still the same-old confident Reedy. He keeps mentioning that he is the only past supercross champion on the line, so I think he still believes deep down that he can win another championship. On the track, he looked a little bit rusty, but you can’t blame him with so little time on the bike. Tomorrow will tell more.
  • Weston Peick: First opening round press conference for Peick, and he’s happy that he’s finally getting the media attention he deserves. As always, Peick looks incredibly ripped and in shape.

Scott Yargeau

I grew up racing motocross in a small town in Canada, and I now work as a mathematician in New York City. Combining my two passions, I'm excited to apply my skills in data analysis to the sport to produce stats-based race reports and projections.

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