The silly season has almost come and gone. Most rides have already been announced, and a lot of riders have their home already for the 2018 racing season. However, as has happened in the past couple of years (Grant in 2016, Malcom Stewart and Wilson in 2017), some riders are left rideless.

One of those guys is ex-JGR rider Justin Barcia. Barcia is a past 450 supercross winner, but has struggled a bit as of late, and never could find his mojo at JGR. Instead of simply sitting around waiting for a call to rider, Barcia is being proactive in his offseason and is putting together a privateer effort for the Monster Energy Cup.

Hello Everyone, Well I have an option or two that I will be looking into for 2018, but for now I am extremely excited to announce my plans for the Monster Energy Cup. On October 14th I will be riding a privateer Honda. Details are still getting worked out, but so far I am excited and wanted to share the news with the Moto community. I am extremely appreciative and grateful for all the support that is going into this project and I could not do it without these awesome companies & people: Alpinestars Scott Arai Monster Energy Morgantown Powersports for supplying practice bikes Levi Kilbarger/BONZI Tim Bennet TCD Racing for building & prepping the race bike Twisted Development Motors Yoshimura Brian Fleck at Dunlop Feld Motorsports The Home Team of Mom & Dad, Amber & Dr. Steve Navarro for all the hard work, phone calls and behind the scenes hustle. See ya'll soon, JB51

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My Opinion:

For a guy who hasn’t had the best few seasons, it’s nice to see him have the confidence to go out and do this on his own. He clearly loves the sport and still believes he can win, so I really admire the tenacity to go out and do this. Just like Dean Wilson did last year, going out and showing you can be a solid rider on your own proves to a team that you’re a good buy.

It’s crazy how a past 450 supercross winner and 250 champ is left rideless. I’m not sure what that says about our sport, but I hope Barcia rides well and gets picked up by a team after this; he still has a lot of talent left.

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