The Monster Energy Cup always has a unique design. A couple things to note that is different from last year: a split elevated non-dirt start, and a fast joker lane.

Check out the animated track map for this years rendition of the event!

My opinion:

The split starts have never seemed to work in the past… they’re a cool idea though, so I desperately hope it works for them this time around! Although the non-dirt start will be interesting; I think it will be slick and probably hard for riders to get out of the gate. Definitely anticipate different starting strategies here.

The Joker Lane is fast?!?! And merges back onto the track in a really fast section?? Hopefully the track designers realize the danger involved here; I don’t like this!

Other that that, the track actually looks pretty bad in my opinion. Sam Boyd Stadium is lacking space as is, but yet the track design wastes soooooo much space with the split start sections that are going to be reused simply as a flat straight-section. If you take away the Joker Lane, the regular lap is only 4 lanes back and forth, and two of these lanes are mostly flat straight-aways.

Overall, not impressed with the track. However, I hope I’m proved wrong, and hopefully it provides for great racing!

Scott Yargeau

I grew up racing motocross in a small town in Canada, and I now work as a mathematician in New York City. Combining my two passions, I'm excited to apply my skills in data analysis to the sport to produce stats-based race reports and projections.

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