At the age of 27, Zach Osborne finally broke through and captured his first ever win on a Supercross track. That was round 2 of the 250 East Championship and now at round 8 he just captured his 4th win  of the year! He has been the fastest rider in this class all year, but a few mistakes and a mechanical has left him without the points lead. In New Jersey he had a great come from behind win to pull within 7 points of Joey Savatgy, but after a penalty to Savatgy for Cutting the track, he now sits only 1 point back of Jordon Smith heading into Las Vegas.

We caught up with Zach after the race to take about this championship and the win. Here’s what he had to say:

Moto Now: Congrats on the win, just take us through the race.

Zach Osborne: Yeah, it was pretty eventful actually. I had a great day with being fastest in both timed practices and then got a good start in my heat and won that. In the main, I was like mid-pack, maybe tenth or so and I was able to make some good passes in the beginning and get to the front. [Once] I made it to the front, I just got some clear ground and tried to never look back.

Talk about that track for a bit, It looked pretty bad out there. How was it?

It was tough, I mean super rutted and super spongey. It just had no drive or pop off of anything. It was just tough.

Was there any particular section that was giving you the trouble?

Yeah, The long rhythm lane before the finish line was super spongey and it didn’t give you any drive or any pop so it was [the toughest].

So you didn’t get the greatest start, I’m sure you would have liked to been closer to the front. So when you were further back were you thinking I can still win this or were you just trying to make it as far up to the front as you could?

Yeah, I was a little too far back to be thinking “I can still win this.” I thought man I’m 8th or 9th here and they are already getting gone with a clear track and I got a lot of guys to pass. So today, no [I wasn’t thinking that.] I felt like I needed to lean on my fitness a little bit and believe in what I’m doing and it ended up good.

Alright, so you had the points lead and then that mishap happened at Detroit and you faded back little bit, but now with this win you’ve closed in to 7 points, that also might change we’ll see (After Savatgy was docked 5 positions, Osborne sits 1 point back of Jordon Smith.) So going into the final race, do you think you can get it done?

Yeah, even if it is 7 [points] I think I can do it. I feel good about my bike and I feel good about where I’m at with my fitness and everything. I just have to go there a win again. It was big for me to win tonight and it takes some confidence to knowing that I did it the way I did tonight and I’m just looking forward to next weekend.

So you mentioned in the press conference that you didn’t see what happened with Savatgy?

No, I haven’t seen it yet, I just heard second-hand account which doesn’t really mean a whole lot. Yeah, it’s up to someone else’s discretion and it will be whatever it is.

Does it stick in you mind knowing that if you didn’t have that mechanical, you would probably have the points lead right now?

Yeah of course. I mean you can look back at it, but there is no really reason to look back because it is what it is. I mean I also threw away some points in Daytona and a couple in Minneapolis. So it’s on me as well and we will just keep grinding.

Photo from Husqvarna

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