TLD/Red Bull KTM’s Mitchell Oldenburg started off the season strong with a 4th place at A1, but then a crash in the very next practice at San Diego put a halt on his season. After the long break Oldenburg came back at Seattle SX and captured his first career podium. It was a great ride with Oldenburg starting in 7th place and rode his way up to a 3rd place finish. We got a chance to talk to him after the race.

Here’s what he had to say:

Moto Now: First podium out there. Were you getting nervous at all near the end?

Mitchell Oldenburg: No, this is what we work for and I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. Unfortunately ended up getting hurt in San Diego so it has been a long time sitting on the couch watching people race. So for me to go out there and apply myself and do my job, that’s what I did and I’m just super stoked to get it done.

You got a pretty good jump at the first start so when that red flag goes up, whats going through your mind? Are you frustrated?

Yeah for sure frustrated. It was unfortunate, but I always think if I was in the other riders situation that got red flagged for, I would obviously want the same thing. I’m praying for Noah, he’s a good buddy of mine so I hope he’s alright. The red flag for sure is frustrating, but at the same time it’s part of racing and safety is number one for sure.

The race was shortened tonight to 12 minutes plus 1 lap instead of the regular 15 minutes plus 1 lap. Near the end there you were coming up on Hill pretty good. Do you feel if you had that extra few minutes, you could have applied that pressure more and maybe get him?

It’s one of those “shoulda woulda coulda” deals. I honestly didn’t know that I was that close to him until the last lap. Like I said I was just focused on myself the whole [race], just doing my own thing and clicking off my laps. Yeah, it would have been nice to have a 15 minute plus one [because] I feel like my fitness is really good right now. I’ve been working really hard and it has been a while since I’ve done a main… Like i said, “shoulda woulda coulda,” but at the end of the day 3rd place, so I can’t be bummed on it. I’m going to do some outdoor testing next week and then get ready for Salt Lake.

Out of curiosity, when did they let you guys know about the change in the main event length?

I found out right before the night show started and I don’t even know who told us honestly, but we were aware and then they reminded us on the line that it was 12 minutes plus 1. It’s the same for everybody, just kind of a little unfortunate.

Collarbone is completely fine?

Yeah collarbone is fine. I’ve had my fair share of collarbones. I broke it right at the end of the plate, so they took the plate out and put a new one in and now it’s 100%. Collarbones really aren’t that big of a deal so yeah we’re all good.

How long have you been riding?

I’ve been on the bike for about 6 weeks. I did about 3 weeks outdoors and then 3 weeks supercross. Right after Dallas is about when I got going so I’ve had plenty of time to get ready and there has been no real setbacks.

With a 3rd place tonight, It feels like you are just going up and up. How do you jump from a 3rd place to being consistent on the podium and then eventually winning?

I think for me it’s consistently being here week in and week out and dialling in my starts a little bit better. [Tonight] they weren’t great, but it was a step in the right direction so I put myself in a good spot. To [contend for wins] from here it’s just racing and getting back to that race shape and pace. I want to finish off supercross strong and I’m looking real forward to outdoors with a brand new series and everyone starting at zero.

Photo by Simon Cudby

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