At the third round of the 250 East Supercross Series, RJ Hampshire crashed on the last lap. Not only did this put him back to 14th, but it was announced yesterday that he had actually broken his lower tib/fib. The team announced that he won’t need surgery, but will be out for the rest of SX in hopes that he can return for the outdoors.

My Opinion: The Geico Honda team just cannot catch a break this year in Supercross. Martin has had a disastrous season on the west and over here on the east their title hopeful Christian Craig finished 12-DNQ in the first two rounds leaving him out of the championship. Chase Sexton was supposed to finally make his rookie debut before breaking his femur in practice! Now Hampshire will miss the rest of Supercross as well!

Hampshire was in his final year of a contract and needed to show some good results and truly race to what he is capable of. This is a very unfortunate injury as it could really impact his career. As a 250 rider he never really blossomed into a top 3 rider like many thought he would and this was often due to injuries and never fully being healthy. Hopefully for Hampshire he can heal up quickly and put in some great results outdoors to lock up a deal for next year.

Photo from Vital MX

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