Benny Bloss crashed late in the 250SX main event in Minneapolis and injured his shoulder. At first it seemed that it was only a minor injury in a dislocated shoulder. However, luck was not on his side as after a visit to the doctors  it was found to be a fracture to humorous bone, and a torn labrum in his shoulder. The decision was made for Benny to get surgery right away to be ready for 450 outdoors.

Bloss had this to say about his injury “I was feeling great on the bike, and just taking the race one lap at a time finding my grove. Everyone kept talking all off season about my size on the 250 in SX, and truthfully I have never felt better. Of all places to go down, I got kicked funny in the whoops and rode the front end into a turn and just went down shoulder first. As soon as I hit, I knew it was out. It’s a bummer, but I am going to get it fixed right, I am young and have my whole career ahead of me. I can’t thank all our team sponsors enough: Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, Factory KTM, Fly Racing, Palmetto Motorsports, Bubba Burger, N-Fab, FMF, the list goes on with our crew and I just can’t wait to get back out there and give them some podiums outdoors.”

My Opinion: I hate to see young riders get hurt. You especially don’t want to see them get on the injury train and ruin a potentially great career. Bloss is young enough were he still has a lot of time to make a name for himself. I was very interested to see how the big guy could do in 250 SX. He has lots of speed and potential outdoors as we saw last year on the 450, but we didn’t know if he would transfer that into 250 SX. I know the team wanted him to ride a 250 in SX so he could get more experience so this will be a big setback in his SX career. Hopefully he will be all ready to go for outdoors when he gets back on the bigger 450 where he belongs.

Photo from Vital MX

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