Ken Roczen had a massive crash last Saturday night in the 450 Main Event at Anaheim. After getting a mediocre start, Roczen was making his way through the pack. He got all the way up to 3rd place, and was pressuring his teammate Cole Seely for 2nd place, before crashing out on lap 10. Check out the crash here:

After winning the opening two rounds of the 2017 season, it looks like Roczen’s season is now over. He has provided us a few updates on Instagram, stating that he suffered a dislocated wrist, dislocated elbow, and compounded radius in the crash. The severity of his arm injury requires multiple surgeries (initial estimate of 4). No timeline for his return to racing has been announced; he’s out indefinitely.

My Opinion: Wow, such a brutal impact in that crash. Honestly, watching that was super scary; I’m glad Ken didn’t suffer more serious injuries. However, by the sounds of it, it seems like this arm injury is serious enough, and will most likely cause Roczen to miss the remainder of the SX season. Who knows, injuries like this can lead to many complications; Roczen may struggle to be back in time for outdoors. Let’s hope he heals up fast and 100%!

With regards to the crash, I think Roczen was just pushing a bit too hard. I’m sure he was thinking about Dungey out front, and was trying to catch him ASAP. That section was very difficult with many deep ruts and kickers, but yet Kenny was still trying scrub his way through it in order to make up time. I believe this is what got him, as he was unprepared to handle the unexpected kick.

Regardless of what happened, it’s definitely a shame that it did. Kenny was looking amazing on the new Honda, and I honestly think this was his SX season to win. He will now have to wait for 2018.

Heal up quick Kenny! Racing is better with you in it.

Scott Yargeau

I grew up racing motocross in a small town in Canada, and I now work as a mathematician in New York City. Combining my two passions, I'm excited to apply my skills in data analysis to the sport to produce stats-based race reports and projections.

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