A major disappointment of the silly season mess entering the year was the lack of rides for the Stewart brothers. Well, it appears that Malcolm Stewart is correcting this wrong, and will show up to race at A2 onboard a Suzuki this weekend. The announcement came via a very vague Instagram post, as seen below.

Here we go 🔥💪🏿

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There are still no details about whether or not this will be a privateer effort, but rumors are that Ride 365 is putting together a program for him with a full set-up (semi truck and everything). Stay tuned for more information.

My Opinion: It truly is a disgrace that two amazingly talented racers such as Malcolm and James Stewart couldn’t get a ride figured out for the 2017 season. However, considering Mookie’s return this weekend, it seems strange that he couldn’t have figured out this privateer effort (or whatever it is) two weeks earlier for the start of the season. Dean Wilson was in the same position, but he was able to put together a privateer program to get his season underway in time. Did Malcolm hold out for a ride too long, only to end up with nothing and unprepared to do something on his own for A1?

Additionally, it’s even stranger that his brother James doesn’t appear to be returning with him. We all know that Malcom and James have a good relationship, hence it seems natural for the two of them to pool together their resources in order to go racing. Why didn’t this happen? Or did it, and perhaps James just hasn’t announced anything yet? Is James supporting Malcolm with this program? It seems like James wants to return, as per an Instagram post from a couple of weeks back:

It's been 16 years since a Saturday night in Jan came and i wasn't in a stadium doing what I love. But all I can say is it won't last for long!!! Truly can't tell ya how much I'm looking forward to returning doing it my way. After months of trying to make things happen, i realize that no matter what I would do, it wasn't going to work. You keep doing the samething then it's no one else fault besides your own no matter who's doing it to ya. So we're doing it on our own👊🏾 To all that supported me… I'll see you soon. Too all that didn't… I'll see you soon. Wanna thank all my sponsors that are supporting me thru this adventure @redbull @gopro @oakley @dcshoes @sevenmx_ @bell_powersports. And most importantly, I wanna thank my fans for being Ultra Patient with me thru all of this. Wasn't until last week that I actually had a final plan to go at it this way. For those that tried to break me. Sorry… but you can't get rid of me that easy. Not quite done yet!👊🏾

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What’s with the Stewart brothers and posting vague information on Instagram? Since when has Instagram replaced press releases? And most importantly, when/is James Stewart coming back?!?!?!?!

So many questions surrounding the Stewart brothers, with very little answers. Let’s hope some of these questions will be answered this weekend with the return of Mookie.

Cover photo from Instagram.

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