TLD/Red Bull KTM’s Mitchell Oldenburg injured himself in the first timed practice session when he came up short on that triple-triple-triple that also caused Albertson and Martin to have gnarly crashes. Word came out after the crash that he broke his collarbone, meaning that he will miss some rounds. Oldenburg stated that this is the 13th time he has broke his collarbone! He wants to be back racing as soon as possible.

My Opinion: This comes as a real bummer for a guy that I truly believed was ready to podium and possibly win races. We will see how much of a step-back this is in Oldenburg’s career, which has been mainly up since getting a factory ride. Hopefully he can be back for the end of supercross and still have that high race speed that it looked like he had.

Photo from Transworld Motocross

Craig Yargeau

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